Increase of NTC Value for FYROM-Greece border direction

The value of the net transfer capacity (NTC) on border direction from FYROM to Greece will be increased from 300 MW to 350 MW in the period between 1 October and 8 October 2017.

This quantity (50 MW) will be allocated  on daily auctions in accordance with the relevant Auction Rules.

SEE CAO succesfully performed 1000 daily auctions

Heading towards the 3rd anniversary of more than successful Go-Live of  coordinated auctions in the region of South East Europe, SEE CAO has reached the jubilee number of 1000 daily auctions, currently perfomed on 6 borders within the region of South East Europe.

As a result of almost 3 years of continuous successful operation, SEE CAO has imposed itself as a reliable partner on South East European electricity market, with aim of further improvement of its services, by applying best European practices and alignment with relevant network codes.