Results of the Yearly Auction for 2019

SEE CAO Allocation Platform is proud to inform Market Participants that Yearly Auction for the year 2019 has been successfully performed in DAMAS Auction Tool.

For the second time, yearly auctions are performed in line with SEE CAO set of Harmonised Allocation Rules.

Yearly Auction of long term transmission rights was performed on 6 bidding zone borders operated by SEE CAO Allocation Platform (HR-BA, BA-ME, ME-AL, AL-GR, GR-MK, GR-TR).

The 5th Yearly Auction performed by SEE CAO, can be considered as most prosperous so far, which is reflected in highest auction income, number of participants, amount of collaterals and requested volume of PTR since the beginning of operation in November 2014.

SEE CAO would like to thank to the Market Participants for the continuous successful and fruitful cooperation.

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