SEE CAO reaches 100 registered Auction Participants

Podgorica, Montenegro, 3rd of December, 2015

SEE CAO is honoured to announce that jubilee 100th company has registered as an Auction Participant in Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe. 

Having in mind positive feedback and the praise received from the Auction Participants already involved in SEE CAO Auction Process, and taking into account  future expansion of scope of SEE CAO borders, we sincerely hope that contionuos growth and great cooperation with Auction Participants shall continue.

Press release - SEE CAO has successfully carried out Yearly Auctions for 2016

Podgorica, Montenegro, 25th of November, 2015

Complete sequence of SEE borders from Croatia to Turkey is included for the first time in coordinated capacity allocation procedure carrying out SEE CAO's Yearly Auctions 2016. By achieving its goal - serving as a One-stop-shop for transmission capacity allocation in the region, Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe - SEE CAO has became a compulsory point for energy trading in SEE.

Preliminary Results of the Yearly Auctions for 2016

Podgorica, Montenegro, 23rd of November, 2015

SEE CAO announces to all Auction Participants who took part in the Yearly auctions for 2016 that Preliminary Results are published on DAMAS Auction Platform. 

Deadline for Contestation is Tuesday, 24th of November 2015, 14:20h.

The Contestation Letter should be addresed to

Announcement of the Yearly Auctions for 2016

Podgorica, Montenegro, 16th of November, 2015

Yearly Auction for 2016 is scheduled for 23 November 2015 and the Announcement of the Yearly Auction Process with Offered Capacity is published. All auctions for 2016 will be performed in line with Auction Rules v1.3, published under Documents section.