PODGORICA, 15/5/2015

SEE CAO has opened the session of Group C5 - electricity markets and deregulation with their invited presentation, as one of the sponsors of 4th Symposium CG KO CIGRE,  held in Institute dr. Simo Milošević in Igalo, Montenegro, from 11 th -14 th May 2015.

CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) is International Council on Large Electric Systems is one of the leading worldwide Organizations on Electric Power Systems, covering their technical, economic, organizational and regulatory aspects. Montenegrin National Committee of International Council on Large Electric Systems - CIGRE is independent, voluntary organization dealing with national and international professional and scientific matters in the area of production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, manufacturing of electrical equipment and issues relating to electric power systems. 

The presenters of SEE CAO accomplishments were SEE CAO Executive Director, Mr Aleksandar Mijušković for general consideration, and Ms Dijana Martinčić, SEE CAO IT Expert, for the technical overview of the Auction Process and Auction Platform. General impression at Symposium was that operational SEE CAO is big step forward in this area not only for participating countries but for the region in general.

The presentation presentation from Conference:

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