SEE CAO Traders Workshop 2015

Podgorica, Montenegro, 16th of October, 2015

Dear Auction Participants

Since the first year of successful coordinated auctions operated by SEE CAO is forthcoming and taking into account the great cooperation we have mutually achieved, it is our pleasure to invite you to take participation at the SEE CAO TRADERS WORKSHOP 2015, scheduled for 06th November 2015 at HOTEL “SPLENDID”, BEČIĆI, MONTENEGRO. 

The aim of the workshop is to present to our clients accomplishments of SEE CAO during its first operational year, to announce the upcoming Yearly auctions and the scope of borders which are to be included in SEE CAO Auction Process. Moreover, the participants will get brief introduction of the changes in the Auction Rules v1.3, which are expected to enter into force with auctions for 2016. Accordingly, the changes in the Auction Rules are transposed as the new functionalities into the DAMAS Auction Platform, which will also be presented, followed with training and simulation of the auctions.

Enclosed please find:

  • SEE CAO Traders workshop schedule
  • Registration form for the Hotel
    Please send the Hotel reservation form directly to the Hotel, at the mail address stated in the Registration form. 
  • Participation Form for SEE CAO 
    Please confirm your participation till 03rd of November with SEE CAO Participation form to
  • Detailed Agenda for the workshop will be published in timely manner. 

Having in mind the positive feedback we received from you after the 1st Traders workshop organized on 01st October 2014 prior to SEE CAO’s Go-live with numerous turnout, we find the workshop useful for both Auction participants and SEE CAO in order to continue and improve our successful cooperation.

We look forward seeing you all in Bečići! 

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