Announcement of the Yearly Auctions for 2018

Yearly Auction for 2018 is scheduled for 27th of November 2017 and the Announcement of the Yearly Auction Process with Offered Capacity is published. All auctions for 2018 will be performed in line with SEE CAO HAR set of rules, published under Documents section.

SEE CAO HAR Market Participants Workshop

SEE CAO HAR Market Participants Workshop took place on 10th November 2017 at hotel “Splendid”, Bečići, Montenegro.

With aim to present key changes introduced by SEE CAO HAR set of rules and to enable Market Participants testing of the new functionalities in the Auction Tool, SEE CAO organised a SEE CAO HAR Workshop with Market Participants on November 10th 2017, in Hotel Splendid, Bečići, Montenegro.

SEE CAO Announces Yearly Auctions for 2018

Podgorica, October 16th, 2017- Heading towards the 3rd anniversary of successful operation, SEE CAO is excited to announce the launch of „HAR“ Yearly Auctions for 2018, scheduled for November 27th 2017.