SEE CAO Traders Workshop 2015

Podgorica, Montenegro, 16th of October, 2015

Dear Auction Participants

Since the first year of successful coordinated auctions operated by SEE CAO is forthcoming and taking into account the great cooperation we have mutually achieved, it is our pleasure to invite you to take participation at the SEE CAO TRADERS WORKSHOP 2015, scheduled for 06th November 2015 at HOTEL “SPLENDID”, BEČIĆI, MONTENEGRO. 


SEE CAO organized 2nd DAMAS TSO Workshop with representatives of TSOs participating in SEE CAO and representatives of DAMAS provider Unicorn Systems. 

Workshop was held in “Montenegro” hotel in Bečići, Montenegro on 19th and 20th of June 2014. 1st DAMAS TSO workshop was organized in February 2014 in Bečići.