How can I register in SEE CAO?

Whole registration procedure is described on Allocation Platform’s website –

Briefly, procedure consists of few steps:

  1. Delivery of signed and stamped Participation Agreement (in two copies) and original or verified copy of an extract from Central Register of Commercial Entities (not older than 3 months) with its English translation, at least nine (9) working Days before the first participation in Auction.
  2. Seven (7) working days upon the receipt, Allocation Platform is obliged to inform participant on its successful registration, or in other case to inform them on missing information in its registration documentation.

SEE CAO accepts digital documents signed by qualified electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS regulation.

How can I acquire a user account for Auction Tool?

By signing the Participation Agreement, registered Market Participant accepts the applicable Information System Rules, published on Allocation Platform’s website. In order to acquire a user account for Auction Tool, registered Market Participant is obliged to send properly filled, signed and stamped Annex 1 of Information System Rules – User account form. Upon its receipt, Allocation Platform creates user account(s) requested by registered Market Participant and provides login details and electronic certificate to the Participant via email.

Which preconditions must be fulfilled in order to get unobstructed access to Auction Tool?

In order to get unobstructed access to Auction Tool, registered Market Participant must possess an electronic certificate, which is generated by SEE CAO free of charge and sent via email upon creation of Auction tool user account.

Is it necessary to go through registration process for new allocation year, if company is already registered in SEE CAO?

No – for companies which are already registered, registration is not needed. However, the participants should consider if their collateral validity should be updated, i.e. prolonged, and check if they should update their operational data by sending us updated Attachment 1 of Participation Agreement (Submission of information).

Risk Management Instruments

How can I place a Cash Deposit?

Procedure consists of few steps:

  1. Placement of funds on Allocation Platform’s dedicated bank account by registered Market Participant; and

  2. Delivery of duly filled, signed and stamped Cash Deposit Contract (its template is published on Allocation Platform website) in four (4) copies, by registered Market Participant to Allocation Platform.

How can I decrease/increase Cash Deposit or increase its validity period?

If there is a wish to decrease a Cash Deposit amount, then, there must be an official request provided for Cash Deposit decrease. Once it is received and confirmed by the Allocation Platform, an Annex of existing Cash Deposit Contract is prepared and sent to the requesting party. Once Allocation Platform receives signed and stamped Annex in hard copy, funds are transferred to the account specified in Attachment 1 of Participation Agreement (Submission of information).

As for the increase, once the funds are placed in the bank account of Allocation Platform, Allocation Platform will prepare draft of Annex of Cash Deposit Contract and forward it to requesting party.

How can I provide a Bank Guarantee?

According to relevant Auction Rules, the bank issuing a guarantee must have long-term credit rating of not less than BBB- by Standard and Poor’s Corporation, BBB- by Fitch or Baa3 by Moody’s Investors Service Inc.

We accept bank guarantees issued electronically through SWIFT message with full wordings and sent to our bank Crnogorska komercijalna banka AD Podgorica (CKBCMEPG) or if the original bank guarantee is sent to us via post, the signatures on it must be verified through SWIFT message sent by the issuing bank. Bank guarantee template can be found in SEE CAO Financial Terms.

How to increase/decrease or return Bank Guarantee?

To decrease Bank Guarantee, a party needs confirmation from Allocation Platform that the decrease is possible. After that, Bank Guarantee is being amended, and like so forwarded to Allocation Platform’s bank in one of two described ways. The same procedure is applied for return of Bank Guarantee.

As for the increase, an amended guarantee is sent to Allocation Platform’s bank in one of two described ways. No pre-confirmation is needed.

What is the amount of RMI that needs to be secured?

There is no limitation on the amount of RMI, but the amount itself is subject of Auction Participant’s will or need.

Can RMIs be used for payment of obligations arising from Auction Process?

Registered participants which have signed Agreement on use of dedicated Business Account can use their cash deposit for both settlement and collateral purposes. Other types of RMIs (cash deposit under Cash Deposit Contract and bank guarantee) are not eligible for settling payments arising from Auction Process.

How to determine (forecast) value of needed Credit Limit?

Credit Limit can be calculated as a multiplication of Allocated Capacity, total number of hours and marginal price.

In case of yearly capacities, two monthly instalments (2/12) should be taken into account.

Auction Tool

Is it possible to use one account on Auction Tool for multiple companies registered at the Allocation Platform?

Yes, it is possible. A precondition for this is to fill a table from Annex 1 of Information System Rules. You can select the company you want to access by using the “switch company” functionality of Auction tool.

However, communication with Auction tool via web services is only possible for the account of user's default company.

Is it possible to use one electronic certificate with multiple accounts in Auction Tool?

No, each user account is assigned to a separate certificate. You can use the same certificate only with the switch company account (one user account for multiple companies).

Will it be possible to use the previously acquired electronic certificate (e.g. from Pošta CG) for access to Auction Tool?

No, the usage of third-party certificates is not possible anymore. Only the certificates generated by SEE CAO are valid.