In order for Market Participants to register in SEE CAO as Registered Participants, it is necessary to fulfil, sign and stamp the Participation Agreement, with its attachments, and send to SEE CAO via post services, to the following address:

In attention of Ms Nikolina Kažić (Tel: +382 20 444 992)

Svetlane Kane Radević 1, 4th floor

81000 Podgorica


By receiving confirmation of registration from SEE CAO side, Market Participant is registered within SEE CAO as Registered Participant.

The Registered Participant is required to fill Annex 1 of Information System Rules and send it to SEE CAO for the creation of user account on DAMAS Auction Tool.

SEE CAO configures the account(s) in DAMAS Auction Tool and provides Registered Participant with authentication credentials as well as electronic certificate for access to DAMAS Auction Tool.

Final step which should be met for participation in Auctions is providing collaterals in order to secure payments to SEE CAO in form of Risk Management instruments (Deposit or Bank Guarantee).