From the beginning of 2022, upon interest expressed by our registered participants, SEE CAO started provision of new service – reporting of secondary allocations in line with REMIT regulation.

In accordance with article 3(1)(b)(ii) of the REMIT Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 market participants or third parties acting on their behalf shall report to ACER details of “contracts relating to the transportation of electricity or natural gas in the Union between two or more locations
or bidding zones concluded between market participants on secondary markets, specifying physical or financial capacity rights or obligations, including resale and transfer of such contracts”. Therefore, SEE CAO offers reporting of transactions related to resale and transfer of long-term physical transmission rights performed via our Auction tool.

Below you can find template of Service Agreement on Secondary Allocation Reporting and payment instructions for settlement of Invoice for Secondary Allocation Reporting.