Call for application – Auction Operator

Podgorica, Montenegro, 7th of August, 2014

Terms of References for the position of

Auction Operator

Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe


Candidates must fulfill the requirements of this job profile (description). Applications are limited to representatives from the countries of shareholding TSOs of the SEE CAO. Secondments of the shareholding TSOs could be allowed.


  • Job Title: Auction Operator (2 persons)
  • Working Language: English 
  • Payment Conditions: To be agreed with selected candidate 
  • Place of Employment: Montenegro
  • Commencement of employment: asap targeted with 1st October 2014 and 1st December 2014  
  • Duration of employment: at least 1 year, possibility of extension
  • Trial period: 3 months
  • Cancellation period of the engagement: 3 months


  • Performing the registration of the market participants. 
  • Collecting and checking NTC values delivered by participating TSOs and importing them into the Auction platform and checking the offered capacity which will be given on auction, taking into account capacity from Secondary Market (resale or UIOSI). 
  • Preparing and conducting the Auctions on yearly, monthly and daily level in accordance with times defined in the Auction Rules.
  • After closing the Auctions to publish results and check if results are delivered to the Auction participants and participating TSOs. 
  • Review and analyse complaints received during contestation period from the participants. For yearly and monthly auction results to propose decision to Executive Director, and for daily to bring decision independently. 
  • Conduct the Fallback mode in accordance with the Auction rules.
  • Observe conducting Secondary Market, transfer and resale.
  • Check the amounts of the credit limits of the Risk Management instruments (bank guarantee and deposit) and regularly update them after payment for Allocated capacity.
  • Control sending the necessary documents for scheduling process to TSOs and receiving and importing CAS files for UIOSI.
  • check amounts from auction processes in the report for finance consultant and send the report to the finance consultant
  • Check amounts to be invoiced to the Auction participants and in coordination with Financial Consultant control sending of invoices to Auction participants. 
  • Check amounts for settlement towards the TSOs and send report to participating TSOs. 
  • In case of IT system and the Auction platform failure to communicate with IT/Auction platform support.  
  • Propose improvement of auction processes and the Auction Rules.
  • Work during weekends and public holidays.
  • Analysing of load flow data 
  • Preparing necessary reports from the Auction processes to the Executive Director.


  • University degree in Electrical Engineering with recent involvement in grid calculations, and NTC/ATC coordination. Analysis, judgment, problem solving and understanding of commercial issues. University degree in other fields is also possible, but needs to be complemented by actual working experience on related issues
  • Good inter-personal skills 
  • Good oral and written communication skills 
  • The ability to learn “on the job”, in addition to formal training 
  • The ability to work successfully as part of a team 
  • The ability to manage processes, maintain records, interpret a wide variety of data and identify/resolve activity problems 
  • Effective organizational skills and ability to handle work in an efficient and timely manner 


  • At least 6 months relevant experience 
  • Recommendation letter from the applicant’s country TSO 


  • Professional fluency in English 
  • In case of non-native speakers of an South-Eastern-European, good language skills in an South-Eastern-European language will be an asset 

Applicants must provide a letter of motivation explaining their reasons for applying. Candidates must also submit curriculum vitae with description of previous work experience and responsibilities as well as recommendation letter from the TSO in the country of the applicants citizenship.

A complete application must include all above required elements and supporting documentation about meeting the required criteria.

Applications with supporting documentation should be submitted to the following mail address:-

The deadline for submitting applications is 5th of September 2014.

All complete applications submitted to the above mentioned mail address until 5th of September 2014, at noon will be taken into consideration.

Candidates will be notified of the selection within 15 days of a decision on the successful candidate.